Greenport West-Holland Horticulture to Get a Cybersecurity Lab

The Digital Trust Center (DTC) has given € 200,000 for building a cybersecurity center in Greenport, West-Holland. This security center would be a part of the Dutch Economic Affairs and Climate Change Ministry and become the West Holland horticultural cluster’s regional cybersecurity issues expertise hub. 

South Holland is also a partner in the Greenport West-Holland Cyber Resilience Center. They have granted various subsidies to Greenport West-Holland, Security Delta (HSD), and the Haagse Hogeschool, who worked with regional partners to create a cyber awareness center. The first cyber awareness activities have been organized, and with the grant of €200,000, the Greenport West-Holland Cyber Resilience Center can be started in February 2022.

The primary function of this center would be to provide clear and relevant information and help companies take preventive measures against cyber attacks. Entrepreneurs in the horticulture sector are working hard on digital solutions as they are strongly chain-dependent.

The province and several partners are focusing on regional cyber awareness and resilience and will create a cyber security road map. The goal is to work towards cyber management and find rapid and flexible responses to future threats.