US DOT Awards Anti-Human Trafficking Initiatives

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), through its annual $50,000 ‘Combating Human Trafficking in Transportation Impact Award’ recognized A21 Campaign a non-profit and non-government organization, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, and Busing on the Lookout for their innovative initiatives to combat human trafficking in the transportation sector.

This award was established in 2019 based on the Department’s Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking recommendation and focused on providing resources for individuals or organizations developing new and innovative technologies, tools, or campaigns to fight against human trafficking.

A21 Campaign won first place for its ‘Can You See Me? Roadside Billboard Initiative' that consisted of 1,000 counter-trafficking billboards across 46 cities in the U.S. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development stood second for its ‘Combating Silence: Increasing Awareness to Louisiana Human Trafficking’ proposal to reach up to 5.3 million road users. Busing on the Lookout won third place for its capturing innovation to ‘Build Public Transit’s Capacity to Combat Human Trafficking’ proposal to increase human trafficking partnerships, training, awareness, and reporting amongst 72 transit agencies.

The US DOT, with website based on Drupal also offers training to recognize and report human trafficking and, to date, has trained over 200,000 employees with the help of several partners and stakeholders. American Trucking Association, part of the department’s Transportation Leaders Against Human Trafficking Initiative, offers training and education to combat human trafficking.

Keeping in mind the current pandemic situation, they have moved online to offer these training sessions. Today, on the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, they hold a webinar open to all highlighting how the trucking industry can combat human trafficking.