More Funding Needed for Biden’s CX Order, Says Industry Group

More sustainable funding for the Technology Modernization Fund and other initiatives will be needed to fully implement a recent executive order meant to improve government service delivery for Americans, says the Alliance for Digital Innovation, a trade group representing managed services companies that do business with the government. 

The order outlined both specific, short-term projects meant to be done within a year and “high-impact service providers” within the government that provide critical services to citizens. Those agencies will have specific performance measurements and improvement plans. 

The White House has said that the action items included in the order will be done with “existing resources”, including agency resources and those like the U.S. Digital Service, a tech shop in the Office of Management and Budget. 

In a letter sent Monday to the Office of Management and Budget, though, the alliance wrote that while it applauds the “direction and vision” of President Biden’s recent order, implementing it will take more money in the Technology Modernization Fund and the Federal Citizen Services Fund (FCSF). 

“The current investments in the Technology Modernization Fund and the Federal Citizen Services Fund are being allocated to a mix of enterprise upgrades and citizen facing technology needs,”

 the letter states.

“With the identification of key services provided by 35 High-Impact Service Providers, the current funding levels will not be enough to provide an on-going, modern, and customer-centric digital experience. The administration must work with Congress to provide significant resources, through funds like the TMF and FCSF, to effectively upgrade and continually improve these important digital life experiences,”

 it continues. 

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